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Mongolia - Weather during the Naadam Festival


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Weather during the Naadam Festival

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Mongolia is situated in the temperate weather zone in the Northern Hemisphere. It largely has a continental climate with extremes of weather. It has very long and cold winters that last from November to April. The summers are short and last from July to September. The temperatures in winter easily drop to below freezing point. The temperatures in summer usually range from 10 degree centigrade to 20 degrees centigrade.

In the winter months, there is always the risk of frostbite. For this reasons, the visitors to Mongolia need to be careful and it is best to have ample supply of warm clothing. Despite the cold weather, the country experiences more than 200 sunny days each year. The rainfall is also sporadic and intermittent. Mongolia is also known for its strong winds which blow in the steppes. The way to protect against these winds is to have a warm jacket that you can wear over your shirt.

Weather during the Naadam Festival

The weather during the Naadam Festival is generally warmer than the rest of the year. The festival is held during the snow free part of the year, so there is little need to have warm clothes during your visit. At the same time, there is some possibility of rain or hailstorm. The skies are usually expected to be clear. Most of the time there is a little cloud cover with ample sunshine. The weather at this time is perfect for a festival like Naadam and for this very reason, the festival attracts thousands of tourists every year.

There is very little likelihood of natural disaster like hurricane or typhoon, so you shouldn’t worry about them. The only possibility is of a heavy rainfall which can happen from time to time. Mongolia is already well prepared for such eventualities and the tourists can rest assured that they will not face any harm. The strong winds make it possible to engage in the sport of kite flying which is very popular with the locals. Kite flying is also a part of the Naadam festival and many tourists also take part in it.

Some common precautions

Visitors to Mongolia should take some common precautions like carrying enough warm clothes and getting themselves vaccinated before the journey. These precautions will ensure that they remain in good health throughout the journey.

Visitors should limit their travel to familiar parts of the city. Traveling to the countryside on your own is not advised and can be dangerous. In addition, it is best to join a tour group or to sign up with a tour operator, because they provide a very good service and ensure that all formalities are completed in advance.

In addition, the visitors should carry their passport and visa at all times, because it might be needed for document verification. Mongolia is known to be safe in general, the rate of crime is very low, but still it does not hurt to remain safe and sure from the beginning.

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