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Mongolia Visa and Immigration Requirements


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Mongolia Visas & immigration

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Mongolia, situated in central Asia, has been a well known tourist destination for many decades now. It is located between Russia and China and incorporates cultural elements from both the countries. Mongolia is famous for its mountains and deserts, its horse riding population and its great food. As such, Mongolia has many adventures to offer its tourists.

Mongolia has long been attracting many tourists. Every year thousands of tourists flock to Mongolia to experience its vast natural beauty, abundant wildlife and monasteries. The Naadam Festival, held in July every year, is particularly popular. Being the main festival of Mongolia, Naadam is known for a great display of traditional Mongolian art and crafts.

Visa requirements

If you are planning a trip to Mongolia, the visa requirements will vary depending on which country you are from. Citizens of certain countries can enter Mongolia visa-free. These include citizens from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, United States, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Germany, Philippines, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Citizens of other countries require a visa. They need to get their visa approved by the Mongolian consulate before entering Mongolia. Citizens of other countries can easily get a thirty day tourist visa from the Mongolian consulate. Visas for longer durations require a letter of invitation from a Mongolian person or company. The Mongolian consulate is available in many countries. It remains open all year round and provides many services ranging from visa processing to help in  immigration.

Mongolia requires that all tourists have a valid passport that has more than one year validity and at least four blank pages. Mongolia accepts passports of almost all countries.  Tourists will need to get travel insurance before they come to Mongolia.

Mongolia does not require tourists to get vaccinated before their visit, but it is in their best interests to do so because there is a high chance of contacting a communicable disease in the country, especially in the festival season.

Immigration Requirements

There are very few citizens of other countries who have immigrated to Mongolia. They are mostly from Russia, China and Kazakhstan. Citizens of other countries will not be able to immigrate to Mongolia. Although they can stay in Mongolia for extended periods of time.

Most visitors are required to prove that they have a return ticket and a hotel reservation while on a trip to Mongolia. Some even need to prove that they have an invitation from a Mongolian company or hotel. However, an exit visa is not required.

It is advisable that tourists learn a few words of Mongolian language before they travel to Mongolia. This is because only a few Mongolians speak English or any Western language. Some Mongolians are reasonable fluent in Russian, so if you understand Russian, it will be great.

Traveling to Mongolia

There are several ways to travel to Mongolia. The most common methods are flight, bus or train. There are regular scheduled flights every week from the major cities to Ulaanbaatar. There are also trains which run from Russia and China to Mongolia. There are several buses which ply from China to Mongolia every day. Bus is the most affordable form of travel for tourists. Buses also cover all of the major cities of Mongolia.

In conclusion, it can be said that Mongolia is a great tourist destination. It attracts tourists in droves. The most popular festival is the Naadam festival which is the hallmark of Mongolian culture. Most tourists leave Mongolia with fond memories and would love to recommend it to their friends. Many even return to re live the entire experience.

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