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Getting To Mongolia


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Getting To Mongolia

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Getting to Mongolia
Adequate research and study on travel modes and requirements is necessary before you leave for Mongolia to avoid surprises. A planned travel itinerary will help you be a little more relaxed and savor the travel experience across this wide and adventurous country. Following are some of the things that have to be kept in mind for getting to Mongolia.

Getting to Mongolia by plane
Daily flights from Seoul and Beijing, and twice a week flights from Berlin, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Moscow fly into the capital of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar. These flights are operated by MIAT, which is a Mongolian airline. The frequency and destinations from where the flights operate increase during summers, which is the best time to travel to this temperate country. Air China and Hunnu Air are the other airlines servicing this sector.

Getting to Mongolia by train
Mongolia is served by the Trans-Mongolian Line that is a part of the famous Tran-Siberian Railway. It links Ulaanbaatar with Moscow and Vladivostok in Russia and Beijing in China. There are local trains that run daily for China to Mongolia. They are the best train travel option for people who do not get a ticket for the Trans-Mongolian Link.

Getting to Mongolia by bus
There are several buses that run between Beijing and Erlian, which is located in Inner Mongolia governed by China. Following are the list of bus stops form where these buses can be taken:

•    Liuliqiao long-distance bus station
•    Muxiyuan long-distance bus station
•    Lizeqiao long-distance bus station

There are many jeeps and buses besides these buses. These jeeps and buses then take you from Erlian, which is the territory of China to Zamiin Uud, which is Mongolian, territory.

Traveling within Mongolia
It is best to take assistance from a GPS and ‘The Mongolian Road Atlas’ when traveling without the guidance of a real guide. These maps can be bought at bookstores in the country and specifically at the Mongolian Government Map Store. Hired cars, motorbikes, buses, trains and other modes of public transport can be used to get from one place to the other without hassle.

If you are planning to go visits Mongolia for the Naadam Festival, make sure that your travel tickets, hotel bookings, and other details are taken care of well in advance. This is a time when getting immediate travel options becomes difficult due to the large crowds that are traveling in the same direction.

However you wish to travel, being in Mongolia is a great adventure and worth each second of the travel.

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