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Praising race horses

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Praises to their horses, regardless of their victory or losing in racing, reveals Mongolians’ sincere affection to their horses. Many versions of praises for horses are sung throughout the country. However, all the versions of praises share the common sense of acclaiming their horses’ strength, patience, competitiveness, and spirit which a painter could draw and a man could imagine in their mind as real upon hearing. Simultaneously, Mongolians never make fun of or tease their lost horses; instead, they prefer to smoothen their losing feeling and give forgiveness by praising their horses in an encouraging manner.   

Praise for the loser of the two-year-old horses – the youngest of all the race horses, for example, are portrayed as follows:
The owner of this steed made a mistake
So, his tie got too short,
His jockey got too young,
The whip was too small,
 Too many holes and obstacles faced on the way,
Regardless of his attempt of jumping over,
He got left behind like a cow-cart and
Came last this time, but would be the lead of the ten thousand next year.
Because two – year horses are the youngest of all the horses racing in six categories, they get special attention and dignity from the audience. A proof of which is that the loser of the two-year-old-horses is bestowed with the same prize as the winner of that race.